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IS554 Public Library Management and Services

IS554 Public Library Management and Services

Assignment 1
Instructor: K. C. Williams
Joann Irby
The Public Library Context

1.1 Identify your PL agency. Characterize the nature of the agency, its setting (size, system/branch, location, library governance, etc.), and the people who are employed in it. What kind of organization is it? What are its members like? What are its strengths and weaknesses? 1.1

The Cordova Library is located in Cordova and Shelby County Memphis Annexation area. It is a branch of the Memphis Public Library system. The population of the Cordova community, as of the 2010 Census was 78,138 people. The new building was constructed in 2004. It is located at 8457 Trinity Rd. The investigator will explore the many different services that the Cordova branch library offers. There are many different cultures of people that live in the Cordova area. The racial makeup is 61 percent whites, Asians are 4.99 percent, Hispanics or Latinos are 5.47 percent, Native Americans are 0.29 percent, Pacific Islanders are 0.065 percent, African Americans are 0.29 percent, and other races are 2.41 percent (Cordova TN 38018 Demographics, 2015). CBL effectiveness is its technology, workshops, organizationís ideas, and users of the library, different resources used, the circulation desk, teens and children programs.

The agency is operated by thirteen people with a manger (Mr. Phillip William). addition to, four Librarians, a circulation supervisor, a Children librarian, a library I position, a Library Assistance position, and four clerks that manage the Circulation desk. CBL sits in front of a beautiful park. The Cordova Community Center is next door. The park has a lot of fun things to do such as football, walking trails, swings for the kids, and a baseball field. The library have over ten volunteers to help with the daily operation. The size of the library is 28,300 square feet. The statistic for the amount of users for the library in 2014 was 119,000 (Cordova Tennessee, Wikipedia, 2014)..

Cordova Branch Library is an organization that explores awareness, answers questions, instructs users, finds resources, gives advice, assistance, recommends, interprets, evaluates, and assists with computer and web sites issues to the users. They also have a job and career center which assist users with resumes, cover letters, interviewing, career encyclopedias, college guides, scholarships, occupations, federal aid, and grants. The staff members are very helpful and have good attitudes toward helping the users in the library. The library is clean and very well organized. The children have their own area of the library which is very colorful, full of children books, tables that are small and made for them. There are large statues of Asianís people, sitting in a meditation position. The strength of CBL is that it offers many different services to the public. The branch has printed books including new books, poplar books, and other printed books. Additionally, books that are high in demand, which circulates for 21 days. Books can also be renewed. For entertainment, the library has DVDs and audio that can be check out for seven days. English as a Second Language (ESL) which helps with the diversity in the Cordova community. CBL has resources for new Americans and anyone who wants to learn to speak English, read, and write English. CBL use many helpful resources to accomplish this goal. The ESL Center was funded by a grant from the Dollar General. There are children programs, story time, teens movie madness, movie night for adults, writing workshops, and learn to grow plants workshops. The library also offers book clubs. Cordova Branch Library (CBL) has a meeting room where different organization holds weekly meetings. CBL has thirty computers for public use (Cordova Public Library, 2004-2015). The weakness of CBL is that it does not offer literacy, GED, ACT practice, or test taking programs. These programs are only offered in resources. .

1.1 Summarize the PL organization's mission, goals, and objectives.

1. Provision of Library Materials for us by the Public:

Missions The Cordova Library mission statements are to satisfying customerís need to know. The library is an empowering, educational and transforming institution for library users from all walks of life with the hopes of achieving personal, professional and career goals (Memphis Public Library, 2015 Goal 2. CBL aims are to provide and introduce new concepts, services, and ideas. The library offers accessibility for all users. This will include disabilities books, Adult Audio Visual Technical assistances, Senior Citizens Services and resources for Equal Opportunities, and Children Health Care Intervention (Memphis Public Library, 2015). Objectives 3. CBL has three purposes in which it stands for: education accelerator, literacy and job centers. CBL culture of brilliances in operating outreach program and strategic plans (Memphis Public Library, 2015). 1.2 Provide an analysis of the PL in terms of its rationale, vision, market, offerings, and capabilities (see Ch. 3, Matthews 2004, p.29 Rationale

CBL recognizes that knowledge is important to satisfying the members

of the community. The library primary existence is accessing
needs, encountering, seeking and sharing information. This library also
offer good interaction with the users (Memphis Public Library, 2015).


CBL perform many different roles. Cordova Branch Library realizes that knowledge is the answer to a successful and healthy life. It offers assistance to everyone and believes that the library is the primary source to empowerment. The library is open to all ages of people, educational level, circumstances, and to people with disabilities. The library is the key to a better life. Our vision statement supports our meaning, concepts, learning and growth (Memphis Public Library, 2015).

Market The librarians and staff members at CBL are excellent workers and the management of the system wants to help the needs of the users. The information desk is very helpful. They ask the users what they are looking for and go as far as looking at other locations to see if the book could be found elsewhere. CBL has meetings in a meeting room that seats 70 people. A conference room which seats 12 people. It is available for use and requires a reservation. There is no charge for non-profit groups to use the room. Fees are charged for profit-making groups and the use of TV and VCR. There are several organizations and businesses that meet on a regularly basis at CBL. The library also allows church members of different denominations to hold meetings there. It is a large open space for users to transact their business. This also empowers usersí needs. (Memphis Public Library, 2015). 1.3 Describe the vision statement of the PL. What are the various roles that it performs? What are the PL's various service responses (see ASPL, p. 8-9).

CBL supports educational advancement, financial literacy, English learning, computer programs services and job growth. The services of the library are open to everyone in Memphis and Shelby County. The library should be an institution in which all people can inquire knowledge and power. As mentioned above, the library is the key to a better and quality life. Cordova Branch Library enhances the environment, residents and businesses in the Shelby County area. The library is a great opportunity for everyone to develop his or her professional or personal life goals.

1.4 Develop a sample PLValues Statement (see Ch. 3. Matthews 2004, p. 34-35). Public Library Values of Cordova Branch Library: CBL is committed to excellence to help with the needs of users in the Memphis and Shelby County area. The CBL is an equalizer by giving all people the same access to information to better their lives. This library is valued as a hug to the people of Cordova to better their lives. The library helps users to learn new technology. CBL is there to help users to connect to knowledge, information and jobs (Memphis Public Library, 2015).

CBL is committed to helping users with the highest quality of information at the same time protecting the privacy of the users. CBL is committed and obligated to maintaining a friendly environment, friendly staff, and with the commitment of high standards and quality service. CBL is committed to serving all users and do not discriminate against age, culture, gender, disabilities, sexuality, religion or race. CBL is committed to the Memphis and Shelby County area. This library depends on their users. CBL is always looking for new technologies and services to support the usersí needs. CBL encourages honesty in communication with their users. This library values the opinions and ideas from their users (Memphis Public Library, 2015).

1.6 List various strategic aims of the PL and at least three specific library strategies in relation to potential services to improve. Cordova Branch Library wants to satisfy the usersí needs for information. The library aim is to improve the environment and keep the residents and businesses involved. CBL also wants to attract new companies and businesses in the area. Presently, the library serves a diverse population in a very effective way. The strategic plans for CBL is to improve customer service. This is an area that can always use improvement, Job readiness is another area that CBL is working on for improvement. CBL offer teen readiness in order to help people with resume writing, interviews skills, and computer technology. CBL also help users to find out more about different resources and organizational services (Cordova Public Library, 2004-2015).

1.7 If you could develop/extend one PLservice to help this organization to be more helpful, what would it be? Why?

It would help CBL if it offered more computer classes, GED programs and learning test taking strategies. As mentioned above, the library has 30 computers and it is still times that a user is waiting for a computer. It would be helpful if the library had volunteers to come in and work with users in the areas mentioned above. It would also be helpful to offer more education and literacy programs to adults and teens. At this time, the library has test preparation Booklets for (GED, ACT, SAT, ASVAB, POSTAL that are available for sale or check out but the library do not have volunteers to come in and teach these programs. CBL would be more helpful if there were volunteers to prepare users for these types of test. There are many adults that are computer literate and there are many teen dropouts. In the area of working with teens, the PL library are constantly being challenged on how to relate to them. The Youth Service Coordinator, should look for more programs to serve teens better. This position need someone who can focus on teens and give them (his or her) undivided attention.

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