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Service to Assess/Evaluate Joann Irby Cordova Branch Library Information Science 554 >h1>Service to Access

The following paper will evaluate the services offered at Cordova Branch Library (CBL). The main focus will be on the Children Summer Reading Program. This program starts in June and runs through July of every year. This paper will discuss in detail the user-centered issues that affect the Children Reading Program, the success of the program, and how many patrons use it. This paper will also discuss similar services offered for children at different organizations, its strengths and users’ perspective.

3.1 Identify a specific service (s) program (s), collection (s), facilities, and/ or other activities to assess/evaluate in your PL. This case study on Cordova Branch Library (CBL) will also identifies with the different services. One specific program conducted by the children librarian was a workshop for all school aged children making tambourines. The body of the tambourines was made from colored paper with strings holding it together and bells around it to give it sound. The children were very excited. At the end of the workshop, each child had a tambourine to take home. The children’s librarian offers different workshops every Saturday for the children which include International Story time. The children‘s librarian does this to celebrate the countries and cultures of the world. She shares stories, music, and crafts from different countries. Usually, it is over thirty kids or more that anticipate in this program. Another program, offered every Saturday, is the English Speaking Program (ESP). This is a specific service that targets people of other cultures children and adults. CBL offers two classes every Saturday. There’s a class in the morning and one in the afternoon. The Cordova community is diverse. It has a demographic around 30 percent of foreign people. Therefore, this program is very important and very much needed in this community. The Reference Librarians and the many volunteers help meet the standards of CBL keeping this program available for different cultures of people from all walks of life.

3.2 Describe the selected PL service. Analyze the selected PL service in relation to user-centered issues (who and how many users use the service, how often is the service used, strength of the PL service, etc.).

The children’s librarian conduct several different programs weekly. There are programs such as “Teen Movie Madness, Tunes and Tales, Story time, Family Movie Madness, Computer Fame Day, Teen Hang Out, FAFSA Electronic Session, Read and Feed.” These programs and many more selected services that are offered at CBL weekly. Usually, these programs brings in as many as one or two hundred young people weekly. The selected service that relates mostly to user-centers would be Read and Feed, because it focuses on the interest of the individual. The Read and Feed program was intended to be held during summer months from June until the end of August. The children and teens were asked to read at least ten books to meet requirements in specific categories. The reading requirements were to read at least one book that fell into each one of these categories: fiction, mystery, science fiction, biographies, historical fiction, fantasy, non-fiction narrative, and non-fiction. The readers were asked at the end of the program to submit a written book review which gave them a chance to win a prize. The theme for 2014 was “Heroes” and every hero has a story to tell (Cordova Library Service, 2014).

3.3 Discuss the relative importance of this PL service. How much difference does it make in the success of your PL organization or in the quality of life in the community served by the agency? The Children’s Reading Program and the English Speaking Program both play a major part in the community growth. These programs make a difference in the success of this library and the community. The strength of these services lies in the patrons’ needs and expectancy. Cordova Public Library has been facing some interesting challenges by having the most popular after school programs in the community (Cordova Library Services, 2014). There was a Cordova Public Library Survey given in 2014 on “How important the Cordova Branch Library is to the people using it?” The topic of the survey was, “How important is our library to our community?” There were 18 responses out of 31 patrons saying very important. Here are the selection answers to the survey: really helpful, highly, vitally important, civic center plus, it is a nice and cozy place to meet people and books, 10+, and very important. It is a place of endless knowledge and learning for all age groups.

Another section of the survey asked, “Which services do you use?” The responses were very high in Reading magazines and the Summer Reading Program. Here is one of the comments made on the survey from a user of CBL, “Books and reading/literacy is my passion.” The library is very important to the wellbeing of myself and family.” There were many positive responses made about CBL organization in the 2014 Cordova Public Library Survey. The users’ responses were that the library was very important to the community and to them personally (Cordova library Services, 2014).

3.4 Define the selected PL service you are assessing/evaluating listing keywords that are associated with it. Which word(s) would you use in searching for information about this service? Tag the most productive subject term.

Keywords associated with the selected PL service were collected for the Online Dictionary and from Google search:

• Summer Reading Program • Book Club • Cordova Branch Library services • Cordova, TN • Cordova Branch Library surveys • Cordova Library Events >p>3.5 What are the existing ways that the PL provides information about the selected PL service? (In the physical library environment and on the web). Is there effective. . -advertising/marketing of the PL service? Rank the ways that users find information about the selected PL service?>/P>

Cordova Branch Library (CBL) provides information about the Summer Reading Program and the English Speaking Program through the library’s website, Reference Librarians, flyers, printed advertisements, library newsletters, newspapers, community organizations, library workshops, word of mouth, and personal communication. The primary methods of transferring information is on the website or by mouth. The Cordova Branch Library (CBL) website features links entitled “variety of books for everyone of all ages including bestsellers, a collection of Alaskans, e-books access, story time for little ones, audio books, interlibrary loan service, educational and theatrical releases. This website give users’ information on book signings, audio book downloading and the Summer Reading Programs offered at CBL. This website informs the users that the librarians are friendly at CBL and willing to help them find the perfect book or get questions answered.

This site also lets the users know that the Summer Reading Program offers prizes to the child that reads the most books during the summer. This program is geared to children from age 4 and up (Cordova Library Services, 2014).


3.6 Discuss the interest users of the PL or other members of the community might have in this PL service. How much actual and potential demand exists for it? What events or sources are most likely to stimulate interest in this PL service? What is the likely life of this interest?

Phillip Williams (Library Director, February 26, 2015) stated that the library system currently owns 28,000 titles which includes e-books and audio books. Cordova Branch Library (CBL) statistic for checking out books were 119,000 in the year 2014 (Census Bureau, 2014). The statistics show that there are many interested users of the library. The demographic shows that there are many different cultures of people using Cordova Branch Library. The registered users at Cordova Library is 10,000 (Phillip Williams, Library Director). The daily participation was somewhere around 200 individuals (Beth Kenneth, Reference Librarian). The strength of the Summer Reading Program is that it meet the needs of children. The summer offers children and family fun nights, author book signings, and audio book downloads. The program offers children prizes for reading 10 or more books. The Summer Reading Program has given children bicycles, games, videos/ DVD’s, music CDs, puzzles, books and other interesting gifts for their participation in the program. English as a Second Language (ESL) is another demanding program for this community because there are many different cultures of people living in the Cordova area. The Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans take advantage of this program. Cordova Library offers two classes every Saturday for the ESL program. There’s a class in the morning and one in the evening. Usually, there are over 20 people present at this program. These two programs mentioned above are both demanding by the users of the library. The life of these programs have already exist for a long time and will remain so in the future.

3.7 Identify, evaluate, and come to a conclusion on alternative resources/agencies that provide such services. Where might potential users go for this service if your PL did not exist and did to provide this service? To what degree do alternative sources minimize the need for such a service? Using appropriate alternative resources (both offline and online), indicate the degree to which affordable, useful, and recent resources provide similar services.

If the Cordova Library did not offer Summer Reading Programs and English as a Second Language (ESL), users could go to other agencies such as Boys and Girls Club, Frayser Community Center, or Each One Teach One (EOTO). The Boys and Girls Club assist kids with tutoring, homework, skill development, character building, leadership skill development, music, dance, sports, art and more. The centers are different in sizes, locations, and the number of children served. All of these clubs focus on character, leadership, healthy lifestyles, careers, art and academics. Usually, transportation is provided for most of the children after school to the different clubs. The children are picked up from the school and the parents are responsible for picking up their child or children from the club by 7:00pm. The Boys and Girls Clubs are open every day after school from 3:00pm to 7:00pm (Boys & Girls Clubs, 2015). The children are five to 18 years old. The boys and girls also receive an afternoon snack. During the summer, they receive breakfast, lunch and a snack.

The Frayser Community Center’s mission is to instill pride, leadership, transform perceptions and foster hunger to learn. The center’s vision is to provide students’ support and success. The community center offers health, fitness, and wellness. There are educational development training programs such as tutoring and computer labs. There are community centers in every neighbor in Memphis, Tennessee. The centers teach cultural arts, fight against drug abuse, drama class, and black expression art contest. For entertainment, there’s dance, music, cheerleading, and hip-hop. The community center also helps to build character and meet students’ social needs with etiquette classes, teaching against gang violence, and encouraging young people to join Boy and Girl Scouts clubs (Frayser Community, 2015).

Each One Teach One (EOTO) is another program that teaches individuals to read. This program originated in the United States during slavery, because African people were denied education. In this program, slaves learned to read and in return, he or she would teach someone else to read. In the 20th century, it was the work of a Christian missionary, Dr. Frank Laubach, who applied the concept to address poverty and illiteracy in the Philippines (Each One Teach One, 2015). Many people believed that Dr. Laubach was trying to put an end to illiteracy in this this country. Each One Teach One provides tutoring to school teens and adults. One of their main goals is to help assist teens in pasting the GED exam. This center offers one-on-one training for literacy conducted by volunteers. The students are required to devote a minimum of five hours per week to their studies until their goals are attained (Each One Teach One, 2015).

3.8 Reviewing the variables mentioned above, does it seem reasonable to gather user-centered feedback to assess/evaluate the selected PL service? Provide a strong justification

It is Cordova Branch Library responsibility to gather user-centered feedback to assess and evaluate the Summer Reading Programs, English Speaking programs and others. It is CBL responsible to prepare their community’s children and adults for success, careers and to invest in the community at large. Cordova Branch Library (CBL) collect user-centered data in a variety of way such as observation, in-person interviews, paper and on-line surveys. Users are asked very important questions when collecting data. The data provides answers to why participants do or do use services offered at the library. In some cases, reference librarian asks participants “How satisfied are you with the different programs and workshops offered at this library?” (Beth Kenneth, Reference Librarian, February, 26, 2015). However, the data recorded is important to the library because there is a need to know what the user expect from the library. Cordova Public Library 2014 surveys results were taken on-line and here are some of the questions asked from patrons. These types of surveys helps the PL better serve their users.

• How important is your library to this community? Very positive remarks. •Which services do you use? Positive remarks •Would you be interested in serving on the Library Board? Good response • Would you be interested in joining the Friends of the Cordova Library to help with special projects? Positive remarks •We would love to hear your comment, ideas, or concerns. References:

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