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IS554 Public Library Management and Services

IS 554 Public Library Management and Services

Bartlett Branch Library Joann Irby Instructor Dr. K. C. Williams


This evaluation focuses on the services of the Bartlett Public Library in Memphis, Tennessee. The Bartlett Public Library serves over 37,355 patrons in the Bartlett community (United States Census Bureau, 2010). The main focus of this evaluation will be the Children Summer Reading programs and service. This project will also discuss the effectiveness of the Bartlett Public Library (BPL) Children Summer Reading program. In addition, this paper will compare the similarities and differences of Bartlett Public Library (BPL) and Cordova Public Library (CPL) Children Summer Reading programs. This paper will also compare BPL’s and CPL’s user-centered assessment/evaluation strategies.

4.1 Identify one other PL that provides similar services to the one you propose to assess/evaluate at your PL. Describe, analyze, and provide feedback about the efforts being made at the case-study PL with regard to the selected service and user-centered assessment/evaluation strategies. BPL currently offers several different programs that are included in the Summer Reading program for children and teens. The different services that are offered during the summer are book discussion, story time, building word vocabulary, and English lesions. The Summer Reading program is for students in grades first through third and special events are offered to youths and teens which includes guest storytellers, authors’ visits and advance reading sessions. When comparing BPL with CPL youth Summer Reading program, one can see that the two libraries provides a worthy service to their community. CPL offer a similar service such as International Story Time. Families and children are the primary users of both libraries (Bartlett Public Library District, 2014-2015). BPL and CPL adequately accomplished their goals and purpose effectively to their community by offering Summer Reading programs and services (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010).

4.2 For the PL under case-study, describe how the library represents, manages and provides services related to our selected service/program.

The management team facilitated a plan that focuses on creating programs and services that would interest their community. These programs was officially approved by the Library Board in January 2014 through December 2016 (Bartlett Public Library District, 2014 -2016). These plans includes strategic planning that defines the directions that would determine the future of BPL. The strategic plans are used as a roadmap for meaningful change. BPL gathered in-depth data from surveys, in-person interviews, online and sent mail to all Bartlett Library District users to determine their interest in the Summer Children Reading program. The Summer Children Reading program at BPL consist of books, language development, teaching skills for reading and integrate these skills for comprehending, which targeted teenagers between the ages of 10 to 18. Bartlett Public Library (BPL) contain over 110,000 books in their collection which includes non-fiction, fiction, series, biographies, books, graphic novels, audio books, short stories and others. According Gay Gain (Agency Manager) there have been 300,081 books and items checked out in the year 2014. Other ways BPL represents, manages, and provides services for their community are by offering classes to young adults that are seeking to improve their reading skills. These classes are offered during the summer months. Students can attend classes week days from 9: am to 12:00 noon. BPL makes classes available at different levels to help students improve their reading skills. These classes includes language development, communication, advance reading, focus and controlling attention, and the joy of learning to read (Gay Gain, Agency Manager, March 20, 2015). BPL also have rooms for teens to socialize and relax while reading. Assignment Alerts helps give the BPL a clear understanding of the class assignments and help in selecting the right materials for children and teens to read. Bibliographies are available for student to read materials that are required for certain subjects. BPL’s staff knows the importance of assisting students to build a self-supporting structure from learning to read.

4.3 Discuss how your case-study PL represents elements about the service being studied in relation to its scope and objectives, activities, and resources. Also, examine the role of the users in assessing/evaluating the service. Other ways BPL represents, manages, and provides services.

4.4 Analyze the effectiveness of the case-study PL in providing the services under study.

The BPL effectively provides a number of quality and up standing reading programs for both children and teens throughout the year including the summer. The library statistics (37,355) shows that the users patronize their library. The Summer Reading programs reached Bartlett’s’ resident who are actively involved in their children’s education. There are over 500 children that participate in the Summer Reading program every year at BPL. Both libraries are popular landmarks in their communities and both serves a diverse population (U S Census Bureau, 2010). BPL makes sure it offers the types of Summer Reading programs that will develop a positive attitude in children toward school and help them perform better academically. The users’ statistics for the year indicates 120,200 items check out at BPL (Gay Gain, Agency Manager, March 250, 2015). These reading programs are effective because it identify the abilities, knowledge, and approaches toward learning that’s essential for children development (Bartlett Public Library, 2015).

4.5 Provide similarities and differences between the PL example in your case-study and your collaborating PL. You should find information about the available services at the case-study. PL on the web and also con tact (e-mail, phone, visit) people working at the PL to gather information. The similarities in CPL and BPL are their programs, services and classes. Both offers Summer Reading programs to children and teens. As mention above, both libraries are poplar landmarks in their communities and both serves a diverse population (U S Census Bureau, 2010). Another similarity of CPL and BPL both uses new approaches to learning to read. Both institutions believe a child’s learnings is more important to lifelong success. Both libraries are very successful at serving their community with the Summer Reading program. Their mission, objectives, goals, market, and rationale are the same. The mission statement for both libraries are “To satisfy the need to know.” Both libraries believe that children learning to read early in life helps cognitive development, emotional-social development, health and physical development. It also help them with future challenges and opportunities in today world. CPL would have more children during the summer than BPL because of the different in population. Another difference is CPL has more of a devise demography than BPL. This means that CPL would have to offer more English Speaking classes alone with reading classes for their community.

4.6 What did you learn about user-centered assessment/evaluation and services being studied at the case-study PL in the context of your collaborating PL. It is important for BPL to uphold the vision, mission, rational and values of the library and community. User-centered evaluations are very important in maintaining the collections such as e-books, books in print and collection development. User-centered assessment also helps the librarians to keep up with popular materials in demand for the users which helps supply books and materials for the Children Reading program (Bartlett Public Library District, 2015). User-Centered assessment/evaluation are studied at CPL and BPL to find new approaches, accountabilities, and new development for collecting data. User-Centered assessments has help librarians at CPL and BPL to achieve goals, acknowledge professional competencies, and find new strategies, collaborative relationships, approaches, and practices to provide new concepts, services and ideas to their patrons (Cordova, Tennessee, 2014). The effectiveness of BPL user-centered assessments/evaluations are judged by observations, surveys, transaction logs, statistical analysis and cost analysis. A user-centered evaluation process is the best way to analyze the Children Summer Reading programs at both libraries. Both libraries use-centered assessment/evaluation answers questions and keep librarians up-to-date with what is needed and in demand.


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Spring 2015

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